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Our Services

Our Services are designed to provide Innovative, Engaging, and Transformational Educational Experiences in the Emerging Technology Sector.

Immersive Workshops

Online and IRL workshops where participants get hands-on experience with emerging technologies.

Automation Solutions

From Proof of Concept to Production Product, our team can help Streamline your Operations.

Engaging Mixed-Media Experiences

Multi-Platform, Multi-Format Marketing, from Blogs and Videos to Interactive Activities and Experiences.

Research and Analysis

Deep industry expertise, the tools and business network to provide cost-effective insights and findings.

Why Atman?

“Atman” is a Sanskrit word that refers to the True Self, Soul or Spirit.

Atman Academy enables individuals, companies and communities to let their Spirit be their Guide on a lifelong learning journey.

Technology Marketing

Communicate your technical value in a way anyone can understand.

Emerging Technologies

From AI and Automation, to Blockchain and Cyberspace.

Educational Experiences

Interactive, immersive, hands-on learning for one to many.

About Me, Mentis
(aka “Adam Rappaport”)

Curious Beginner meets Emerging Tech Wizard

Born in Boston, I find myself in Melbourne via San Francisco then Seattle, influenced along the way by MIT, Silicon Valley and the tech hub that Amazon and Microsoft have made in the Pacific Northwest.

My greatest pleasure is continuously finding the keys to conveying complex concepts in deeply meaningful ways so people can understand what’s possible for themselves with these incredible new technologies.

Through my storied adventures down both the emerging technology and spiritual rabbit holes, I’ve strived to stay true to my Journey of Self-Discovery while seizing every opportunity to be in Service to others.

I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunity to continue this great adventure!


Innovative Use Cases

We continue to innovate, develop and build in the AI, Metaverse and Blockchain Spaces.
Our library continues to build as we take on new clients and new visions of What’s Possible.

IRL Workshops

Participants, not Spectators. Hop on this roller coaster ride of an introduction to ChatGPT. Life will never be the same again.

Atman Academy Workshops Case Study ChatGPT March 2023

Explore introductory concepts about the Metaverse – in the metaverse! Self-paced and Guided Journeys available.

Atman Academy Case Study Mentis Metaverse 002

Learn to Safely Enter, Safely Navigate and Ultimately Prosper in these new worlds of Web3, Blockchain, Crypto and NFTs.

Atman Academy Case Study Mentis Metaverse 003

Our Culture and Values

To survive, in these fast-paced times, we must always be ready to PIVOT


The adventures of the curious beginner.


Creative problem-solving and wild ideas.


Celebrate diversity and hear every voice.


Share our thoughts and change our minds.


Earned through honesty and integrity.

Ask Mentis Anything (FAQ)

Our services are designed to provide innovative, engaging, and participant-led educational experiences in the emerging technology space.

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